Why Oakville Is One of the Best Places to Live In

If you’re thinking of scouring the Oakville real estate listings looking for a place to move to, then in all likelihood you already know the attractions that this city has to offer. If you’re still on the fence about it, here are some facts you need to consider:

The Best According to Data-Driven Analysis

The Moneysense.ca website ran a comprehensive study of which places in Canada are the best to live in. In 2018, Oakville ranked #1, taking down Ottawa which has reigned atop the standings for the last 2 years. The study considered 415 cities in the study and measured 10 distinct factors:

  1. Wealth and economy
  2. Affordability
  3. Population growth
  4. Taxes
  5. Commute
  6. Crime
  7. Weather
  8. Access to health care
  9. Amenities
  10. Culture

As you can see, the study managed to include lots of hard data into numerous categories. It shows that Oakville has what many people want in their neighborhood. It’s livable, combining a prosperous vibe with an affordable cost of living. The weather is fantastic. It’s safe, and it’s no problem to get around town.

Toronto Suburb

Part of the allure of Oakville is that it’s a city that functions as a suburb of Toronto. This means it’s near enough to Toronto that you can enjoy the bigger city’s employment opportunities and entertainment options. It’s easy enough to go to and from work or to enjoy a great foodie restaurant in Toronto.

At the same time, you can retreat to Oakville and enjoy its more relaxing atmosphere. The official name of this municipality is actually The Town of Oakville, though it’s categorized as a city with about 200,000 residents. It calls itself a town, and its community spirit actually resembles a village instead of a city.

Ranked #1 as the Best Place for New Canadians

If you’re immigrating to Canada, then Oakville works as your new home. Because of its many allures, it has attracted an increasingly diverse population. The percentage of visible minorities in the city has increased up to 31% from a previous level of 18%.

Oakville actually ranks as the best city for immigrants due to several key factors. Its low unemployment rate and proximity to Toronto jobs are certainly crucial advantages. It’s linguistically diverse, with 30% of the residents speaking a language other than English or French. The rent is affordable, and it’s conveniently near an airport.

Affordable Homes

A lot of articles you’ve seen online may have focused more on the magnificent lakefronts mansions in Oakville. That’s understandable as they’re undoubtedly gorgeous. But don’t forget that Oakville isn’t just for the rich. In fact, plenty of ordinary people live here as 45% of the low-income population in the Halton region actually resides in Oakville. Plenty of people who couldn’t afford the skyrocketing real estate prices of Toronto have found comparatively affordable townhouses in this city.

Ranked #3 in Best Cities for Retirees

If you’re retired, a place’s unemployment rate doesn’t really matter. But Oakville remains a great place for retirees because of its healthcare advantages. It has 220 doctors’ offices, so as your health deteriorates you can be assured of top-notch care. But you might possibly remain healthier here than in other areas because the weather is fantastic.

Ranked #5 in Best Cities for Families

Oakville is great for families for numerous reasons. A large percentage of the population is younger than 15 and there are plenty of families with children there. The low crime rate is a crucial factor, and families enjoy easier access to affordable childcare.