Top 3 SEO Companies in Derby

With Derby growing year on year with new housing estates being built they will start seeing an influx in new businesses being started within the area. This will either be existing businesses relocating to Derby or new businesses being started due to the competition for jobs due to the increase in population.

In this post I will write about the top 3 SEO companies in Derby based on monthly prices and/or company reviews from clients along with my expert opinion on how their own website and SEO is structured and conducted. With so many SEO companies in the Derby area, spending in your money with the right company will either make or break your new business.


SixtyMarketing are based at Pride Park and have been in the SEO Derby and UK industry since 2002, longest experience. They have 3 SEO packages for small businesses at the below costs:

Tradesmen SEO – £55 per month
Local SEO – £95 per month
National SEO – £300 per month

All 3 packages come with a full refund if they are unable to rank your website on the 1st page of Google within 3 months. This takes a lot of caution out of signing up with an SEO or Internet marketing as a lot of them haven’t a first clue on how to rank websites today. These package are the cheapest in Derby, and the UK, and deliver what they say, top 3 keyword rankings. After all, if they don’t do what they say you get you money back, so how can they be in business since 2002.

SixtyMarketing have nothing but positive reviews from clients and the success stories they have bought their business. Mainly from people who have been ripped off in the past by other SEO companies and came to SixtyMarketing who delivered.

Their website and SEO is very solid with high quality links, good content, regular blogging, high social sharing and a good social media following.

Andy Morley

Andy Morley is a one man band company with a good history in the SEO industry since 2004. Andy Morley is based in Ilkeston. There only seems to be a mobile as a contact number meaning he will only be able to manage a certain number of clients but giving those clients good customer support, which is important.

There doesn’t seem to be any set prices for the SEO work being his price structure will be bespoke, and possibly expensive.

There are some good reviews for Andy Morley and looks like he delivers what he say he will. There is not much on reviews for the business but what we have found is all 100% positive.

His website and SEO is well structured and looks clean and professional. He has strong inbound links, an average social media following and a regular blog.

SEO Derby

There is no establish date viable for SEO Derby but their domain was purchased in 2003 giving you a rough idea on when they started. Again, there are no set prices out for their SEO packages so it probably looks like bespoke packages which could be expensive.

Based at the College Business Centre on Uttoxeter New Road, their website doesn’t really seem to have a great deal of quality inbound links but the design of their site looks pretty professional. They offer a wide range of services including local SEO, national SEO and PPC.

There are not any reviews i can find for SEO Derby but this is probably due to their website and company being an exact match keyword.

Their blog is only being updated a few times a year but there is a lot of content throughout their site regarding all the services offered.}