Rodeo Drive Condominiums: A Family’s Future Secured

Deciding to purchase property under your name is a big step. It requires a lot of thought and major consideration that cannot be decided in just a day. After all, it is a major investment for you and your family’s future. A decision to buy a condo unit in one of Toronto’s well-known and highly praised neighborhood: Banbury-Don Mills area is great for the whole family. Considering to buy-in early for one of the units in two pre-construction residential Rodeo Drive condos will put your mind at ease about your future living situation.

Get to Know the Neighborhood

The area where in the future condos will be built is set in a fantastic and family-friendly neighborhood. There are a number of parks located within the area like the Mike Bela Park and Macklin Hancock Park so getting fresh air and a scenic view is just a few short steps away. If you are an avid bike rider these condos and the area will be perfect for you. The initial plans of the condominium includes over 500 bicycle parking slots and the neighborhood has many bike paths to ensure that you are safe when you’re out in just two wheels. The Banbury-Don Mills is a welcoming neighborhood filled with friendly smiles and open arms. Your family would make a wonderful addition to the residents of the area.


How to Get Around the Don Mills Area

If bikes aren’t an option for you access to the shop on Don Mills condos would not be a problem if you don’t have a personal means of transportation. The location of the two pre-construction residential condominiums gives it a high rating on the Walk Score with a whopping 89 out of 100. This means that getting from one place to another by foot is very easy and very doable. On the matter of transportation the area ranked 63 out of 100 in the Transit score. Don’t worry, the transit score will improve as soon as the future LRT which will connect Scarborough to the Person Airport has finished its construction.

Rodeo Drive Condominiums are for the Whole Family

Living within this lovely Toronto neighborhood is wonderful way to incorporate a family-centric life with a touch of luxury. Kids will have access to parks and playgrounds while parents can sit back, relax, and enjoy their amazing views from the balcony. It also doesn’t hurt that supermarkets and various shopping districts are all near to the condos. This will make running simple errands or a shopping spree easy to achieve in just mere minutes!

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