Positive Dating

positive dating

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positive qualifier.

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‘with no uncertainty; assured:

positive qualifier.

‘satisfied or even enthusiastic, or even offering source for joy or even chance:

Examples of “positive”

‘[ certainly not gradable] (of a clinical examination) revealing that the condition or even ailment for which the individual is actually being actually assessed performs exist:

positive qualifier.

‘[ certainly not gradable] (made use of to include power to a phrase) total:


‘[ certainly not gradable] algebra (of a variety or even quantity) much more than absolutely no:

positive qualifier.

‘[ certainly not gradable] natural science of the form of electric cost that a proton possesses

positive qualifier.

positive qualifier.

B1 filled with chance as well as assurance, or even providing trigger for chance as well as self-confidence:

positive qualifier.

B2 sure and also with no question:

positive qualifier.

Thesaurus: basic synonyms and also similar words

positive qualifier.

C2 (of a health care examination) presenting that an individual possesses the health condition or even ailment for which they are actually being actually checked:

positive qualifier.

Thesaurus: basic synonyms and also similar words


‘[ prior to substantive] (utilized to incorporate pressure to an articulation) comprehensive:


Thesaurus: basic synonyms as well as relevant terms

‘( of an amount or even volume) greater than no:

Thesaurus: basic synonyms and also relevant terms

‘being actually the kind of electric fee that is actually held through protons

Thesaurus: basic synonyms as well as associated words

‘possessing the rhesus think about the blood stream:

Thesaurus: basic synonyms as well as associated words

The blood circulation device & blood stream

‘conveying arrangement or even help:

‘connecting to a variety or even a volume that is actually greater than no:

‘enthusiastic as well as positive concerning a circumstance:

‘utilized to illustrate powerful activity that is actually needed to attain one thing:

‘an excellent facet, scenario, and so on:

The positive component targets to present that adopting and also technique suffice to generate the basic plannings of a lawful device.
These were actually stated through 24 (75%) of the guys that mentioned positive gains, yet through just 8 (38%) of those that performed certainly not.
Yet right here, our team have actually given up the positive past history, to become part of the world of depictions, which needs a various technique.
For a lot of, rely on was actually substantiated of positive expertise coming from previous recommendations.
It appears that this problem notably reduces each duties, as matched up to the instance along with positive know-how distance.
The behaviorally adapted assistance generated notable decreases in forceful parenting as well as enhancements in positive parenting.
Body 1( a) presents that, as rises, the rhythm bigness rises and also stays positive.
Females were actually just about identical to guys in powerful, positive jobs although that they were actually embodied 870 opportunities and also males 1511 opportunities.
A factor ought to having said that be actually emphasized: to acquire just positive reveals, d needs to be actually much smaller than 1, which is actually certainly not constantly the instance.
Any type of spot of positive symbolic representations is actually obliged to become neighbored through on the best and also lower as well as left wing as well as right.
To calculate whether kids really created’ take place’ often in adverse than positive circumstances, the purchase of event of encompassing articulations within incidents was actually taken a look at.
That is actually, there were actually even more unfavorable circumstances neighboring’ occur’ than positive as well as neutral blended.
As the amount of time perspective is actually expanded, 0 rises as well as ends up being positive after 54 full weeks, as well as the unpredictability neighboring 0 boosts.
On neither coastline, nonetheless, carry out fisher instruction systems supply a positive as well as substantial effect in relations to technological productivity.
There was actually a notable positive partnership in between regular monthly rains, month to month minimal temps and also flavonoid attention, however no partnership was actually discovered along with fallen leave grow older.
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有希望的, 建設性的, 積極的 & hellip;

前向きな, 積極的な, 確かな & hellip;

particular/- aine, sûr/ sûre, positif/- ive & hellip;

إيجابي, مُتأكِّد & hellip;

souhlasný, kladný, jednoznačný & hellip;

positiv, afgørende, sikker på & hellip;

khẳng định, dương tính, rõ ràng & hellip;

pozytywny, pewny, dodatni & hellip;

positif, pasti, betul-betul & hellip;

olumlu, müsbet, iyimser & hellip;

positiv, unumstößlich, sicher & hellip;

sikker, positiv, bekreftende & hellip;

긍정적인, (무엇이 옳다는 것을) 확신하는 & hellip;

有希望的, 建设性的, 积极的 & hellip;

costruttivo, positivo, certo & hellip;

optimista, positivo, seguro & hellip;

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the time frame of your daily life when you are actually younger, or even the condition of being actually younger

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