Find Out The Best Condo In Toronto That Fits All Your Needs Without Putting Too Much Of A Strain On Your Pocket

Weigh your choices and evaluate your options

Whether you are a full time investor, a retailer or just a seasonal buyer looking to make a move it is extremely important to weigh out your options and do a vigorous amount of market research to find out what is really best for you in the long term.

For large families that are serious about housekeeping and fully maintaining their property then in that case a traditional house would always prove to be a perfect choice. But for people who are on the go or working professionals who have little or no time to look after their house and are looking for a luxurious option then there is nothing better than living in a condo. It provides all the perks and advantages of living in a contemporary home that is more feasible than a regular apartment and cheaper than a single family house. It gives the residents the benefit of luxury and comfort in affordable prices.


So before you head onto the market make sure to pay a visit to the Time Space Condos and get the ultimate chance to gain ownership of a condo you have always dreamed of.

What does Time and Space Condo offer?

Time and Space Condos offer luxurious housing options for people who are looking for a living space that provide then residency in an urban location. Situated at Downtown Toronto and developed by Pembroke Group, this project epitomizes the concept of class with affordability. This project has multiple storeys’ towers and underground parking for the ease and accessibility of the buyers. Spacious court yards and interesting facilities including gyms, club houses and play area make these condos a perfect choice for adults as well as kids.

100 on 100 transit store along with excellent walk score

This ensures that the residents will absolutely face no such problems relating to transportation and facilities for commutation. There are a lot of options for hiring public transport for work and other purposes. Moreover for individuals who prefer walking then this place is their paradise with unlimited options. People can walk to the local market or to a nearby café hassle free.

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Exclusive membership and registration perks

Investors and professional buyers will get the amazing opportunity of getting the VIP access and exclusive membership offers on a first come first serve basis.